Choose from five Angelini Estate wines shown below.

  • bottle
  • 2013 Angelini Estate Pergola Rosso | *$12.99 (SRP $17)

    One of only seven wine producers in the world can stake their claim on this unique and fragrant grape varietal. The cuttings from the original 100 year old vine, located near the front entrance of the Estate, were used to plant the present day Pergola Rosso vineyard. Ruby red in color, this dry, medium bodied red wine has a great rose petal and lavender bouquet. It is silky soft in texture with notes of wild cherries, strawberries and currants.   Perfect to pair with grilled white meats, and risotto dishes.
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  • Sangiovese Rosato
  • 2013 Angelini Estate Sangiovese Rosato | *$12.99 (SRP $17)

    A crisp and refreshing rosé; vivid in pink hues, with notes of cherry flowers and fresh strawberries. Serve as an aperitif or an accompaniment for chicken and seafood dishes.

  • Sangiovese
  • 2010 Angelini Estate Sangiovese Colli Pesaresi | *$12.99 (SRP $17)

    A spicy bouquet with accents of cherries and a hint of cedar envelop this classic Sangiovese. With tastes of lingering stewed fruit and touches of black currant, this wine pairs perfectly with  pasta dishes featuring tomato and meat sauces, roasts and cheeses.

  • Sangiovese_Riserva
  • 2011 Angelini Estate Sangiovese Riserva | *$24.99 (SRP $30)

    Notes of cherries, ripe berries, rich leather and hints of vanilla tease you into the great structure, finesse, beautiful legs and noble tannins of the sophisticated Sangiovese Riserva. A wine this fine demands a spectacular filet mignon or other gourmet grilled meat dish.

  • Merlot
  • 2010 Angelini Estate Merlot Per Amici | *$39.99 (SRP $50)

    Italian merlot is a hidden gem; the Angelini Merlot Per Amici is deep ruby red with a soft leather and vanilla bouquet. Your first sip of this rich and luscious wine will reveal integrated flavors of ripe cherries, oak and cedar, finishing with a velvety soft texture.

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