Why should I choose TagAVine?

TagAVine membership entitles you to exclusive access to our vineyards, first tastings of our highly rated wines and perks that no other vineyard to date has offered. Vine tagging, initial wine offerings at discounted prices, travel packages, private wine tasting invitations are just some of the perks available to our TagAVine members. We offer five membership types including; Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Corporate Club level memberships.This is truly the first wine club of its kind.

What are the benefits to different levels of membership?

Click here for more information regarding membership levels.

When will I receive my certificate?

Your certificate will be mailed to you within 2 weeks of your TagAVine Membership purchase. The beautiful Carta di Fabbriano is produced by Grafiche Federighi, a family owned and operated fine papery in Italy.

When will I receive my wine?

A licensed retailer will be in touch with you to notify you of payment required and anticipated ship dates. For your first order, you can choose to have your wines delivered within 30 days or wait until the next shipment time in the Spring. Your next purchase will be required in the Spring of 2015.   If you choose to purchase the wine vintages in 2014, you will be expected to purchase again each Spring beginning in 2015.

Is the wine really from my vine?

In order to collect enough grapes to create the wine, we harvest rows of vines together. Some of the wine is from your vine and some is from neighboring vines in the section of the Vineyard.

What will I receive in each wine shipment?

You’ll receive the bottles of wine you agreed to purchase based on the number of tagged varietals. i.e. 1 tag of Angelini Merlot per Amici equals 1 purchased bottle of Angelini Merlot per Amici wine. These wines will be tagged with your allocated tag certificate name and number. We will provide detailed tasting notes, Vineyard history, and suggested food pairings.

How long is the membership term?

Each membership is active indefinitely unless you forfeit your agreed upon purchase of wine. If you do not order the wine at the time of availability, you will no longer have a TagAVine membership. In a typical year wine orders will happen on an annual basis in the Spring which will depend on the varietal you choose.

  • Pergola Rosso
  • Sangiovese Rosato
  • Sangiovese
  • Sangiovese Riserva
  • Merlot

If you become a member of TagAVine in 2014, you will a one-time option to order your wine and receive shipment in either 2013 or in the Spring of 2014. If you gift a TagAVine membership, you agree to pay for each order of wine. Once you forfeit the order the gift recipient is no longer a TagAVine

What if the wine vintage is not sold in a particular year due to harvest issues?

We will kindly postpone required purchase to the next available vintage date. We may choose to offer you a different wine/vintage for you to purchase instead, this will be at your discretion (i.e. Sangiovese vs.Merlot) . Being a natural product, we cannot guarantee annual production due to circumstances beyond our control (weather conditions, etc.)

Can I combine the different levels of membership types into one membership over time?

Yes you can! We will keep track of your membership level and offer you upgrades to your membership as your orders increase.

Will you have other types of wine available as part of TagAVine?

We are currently launching TagAVine with the Angelini Estate wine selection. It is possible that in the future we will add to the options of vineyards and wines that we offer TagAVine memberships for.

Can I create a personalized gift announcement?

Yes. You can create a custom, personalized message that can be printed and sent along with the Membership Certificate. You will be asked for this information during check out. A detailed description of the TagAVine membership benefits will also be included with the gift announcement.

When will my wine purchase happen and when will my shipment arrive?

You will receive an invoice from a licensed retailer. At that time, you will be required to submit payment for you premier Angelini Estate wines. Upon receipt of payment, the licensed retailer will advise you when to expect shipment. Note: shipments typically arrive the 3rd week of each month.

When will my credit card be charged?

Please note that charges will appear on your statement immediately from TagAVine for the Membership and from the licensed retailer for the wine purchase at the time of the order.

Do you ship to my state?

Membership to TagAVine is available throughout the United States with the exception of the following states, MA, PA, KY, AL, MS, AR, OK, SD, UT, DE. Individual state laws prohibit us from shipping to these states. Perhaps you have a friend or family member that resides in an alternative location that would enjoy the gift of TagAVine membership?

We encourage you to reach out to www.freethegrape.com to sign a petition to allow shipping to the state of your choice in the future.

How will my TagAVine shipment be packaged?

The wine will be shipped in an environmentally friendly pulp packaging, molded to prevent breakage.

Does someone have to be available to sign for the deliveries?

Yes. Someone over 21 years of age will need to sign for your wine shipment. An ID may be required by the carrier.

What if I am not home to sign for my package or am going on vacation?

Please either call us at 860-767-WINE or email us at info@tagavine.com no later than the 1st of the month to inform us if you have moved, plan to be out of town, or otherwise will not be able to accept delivery that month so that we can either re-route or reschedule your shipment. We use common carriers to deliver all of our products. If you are not home to sign for your shipment, the carrier will leave a door tag letting you know a delivery attempt has been made. Any restocking or re-shipping fee for undeliverable wine will be the responsibility of the TagAVine member.

How do I change my delivery address?

Please either call us at 860-767-WINE or email us at info@tagavine.com no later than the 1st of the month to change your delivery address.